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Garden plants Bulk offer's are available for projects  .

Plants and trees are available for bulk orders . The mentioned plants and trees on this page are only an example of what we are able to offer. Tel. 02081449907.  

We supply most trees and plants available and can organize delivery to the order address. A lot of our customers ask us to supply a complete package for there projects.


Platanus espallier (screen on stem)
Buxus ballshape and cones
Maple ballshaped
Acasia ballshaped
Topiary plants
Conifers on stem and ball shape
Carpinus pleached
Birch, Beech, Willow, weeping
Tilia pleached  (or espalier)
Ceders weeping
Many more wonderful plants
for special locations available.
Please enquire .
Purple Beech



Garden plants



  Acer platanoides
'Crimson King'
Acer Crimson King
Magnolia Magnolia Stellata  
  Araucaria araucana Monkey puzzle tree
Acer Flamingo Acer negundo
  Laburnum Anagyroides Laburnum Vossii
Hibiscus varieties Hibiscus  
  Ilex crenata
Ilex Cloud trees
Acer Globosum Acer platanoides
  Robinia pseudoacacia
Robinia umbraculifera
Weeping blue cedar Cedrus atlantica
'Glauca Pendula'
  Acer palmatum
Japanese red maple