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Fagus sylvatica 250 cm tall Pleached, RB/Pot grown

Pleached Beech.
Fagus sylvatica PleachedFagus sylvatica Pleached
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Pleached Beech, 150cm clear stem plus Frame 1,2 M wide and 1 M tall. (total 2,5 m tall) European beech, Common beech.
This species is a round tall species with smooth, grey bark and shiny dark green foliage which will turn yellow in the autumn. It is a spreading tree that will require plenty of space. It will bear yellow male flowers and green clusters of female flowers, they are followed by edible nuts that will also attract wildlife. They will grow poorly under prolonged drought. This crop has an minimum optimum growing temperature of 20C and a maximum optimum growing temperature of 33C.

(Pot grown, please find below)