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Buxus Sempervirens (bare root)

Box, Common box, Dudeon. (bare root)
Buxus bare root plantsBuxus bare root plants
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Box, Common box, Dudeon. (bare root)
This species is grown for its dark green dense foliage. It is a good species for a formal garden but it is a slow-growing shrub; it can eventually reach a height of 5m. It will prefer a warm climate though the roots like to be kept cool with a generous mulching. You will need to protect in the winter to keep the leaves from browning due to the cold condition.Trim hedges during summer. Promote new growth by cutting back stems to 30cms or less in late spring.

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Buxus Sempervirens (bare root)
Buxus Sempervirens (bare root) 20-30 cm
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