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Malus Beauty of Boskoop, 180/240 cm

Apple flower group 2
Malus Beauty of BoskoopMalus Beauty of Boskoop
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This variety has light green yellow fruits striped red-orange.They will prefer a cool, moist climate with full sun with fertile, well-drained, loamy soil, you must protect from strong winds. You can propagate by budding in summer or grafting in winter. Beauty de Boskoop is essentially a dual-purpose apple, suitable for both dessert and culinary uses. It works equally well in a savoury salad, or can be used sliced in continental-style apple pies and flans. Unlike the English Bramley cooking apple, Belle de Boskoop keeps its shape when cooked. Eaten fresh, Belle de Boskoop is quite a sharp apple. This and its large size makes it unsuitable as a snack apple, but it can be nice cut into slices to share after a meal. The white-green flesh is dense with a very firm texture