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Taxus baccata, pot grown / root balled

Yew, Common yew. (RB/pot grown)
Taxus baccata yew plantTaxus baccata yew plant
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Yew, Common Root balled/Potgrown    

Medium growing conifer with dark green colour. Very attractive dark green hedging tree. Grows 15-45 cm every year.

Bare root material available in hedging and whips, page - conifer hedging- Taxus baccata

Taxus is used in formal gardens as well as hedges.  Yew can be shaped into many nice feature plants like yew balls , cones and so on.  Al of the topiary taxus is available in the web shop section shape and topiary plants.

Please do not remove the netting on the rootballs in case of root balled orders. After April we are able to supply the trees in pots.


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Taxus baccata, pot grown / root balled
Taxus baccata 40-60 cm
Taxus baccata 60-80 cm
Taxus baccata 80-100 cm
Taxus baccata 100-120 cm
Taxus baccata 120-140 cm
Taxus baccata 140-160 cm
Taxus baccata 160-180 cm
Taxus baccata 180-200 cm
Taxus baccata 200-220 cm
Taxus baccata 220-240 cm
Taxus baccata 240-260 cm
Taxus baccata 260-280 cm
Taxus baccata 280-300 cm
Taxus baccata 300-350 cm